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Applied Movement Nutritional Philosophy
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Nutritional Philosophy

Our nutritional philosophy is basic, easy to follow, and encourages you to enjoy eating and actually eat more. Rather than emphasizing limited quantities or fad-like diets, our plans focus primarily upon eating normal foods at regular intervals.

Our nutritional plans typically encourage the consumption of high-fiber, low-starch carbohydrates along with satiating fats and wild meat sources whenever possible. Some of the really basic foods we particularly like include: veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds, a little protein, and a hint of whole grains.

We believe in creating sustainable plans that can be reasonably implemented and maintained. Healthy eating should be natural, not forced. By following simple guidelines like choosing clean foods that are produced naturally and are free of synthetic components, better health can be achieved.

As part of your personal training, we will develop for you a customized nutrition plan based on these principles that will supplement your physical training plan in order to help accomplish your goals.

Applied Movement Exercise Philosophy

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