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Tip #2 on how to lose that last few pounds

 Breakfast - The Most Important Meal Of The Day!!!

Get some protein and good carbs

After some morning coffee and cardio, if I 'm trying to lower my body fat percentage I eat a breakfast that's low in fat with some slow-burning carbohydrates. Keep in mind, the low fat bfast is not what I usually eat, but in this case it makes perfect sense to reach my goal of decreasing my body fat. What I'm trying to do is control my insulin.

In the morning, insulin is at its lowest levels. If you overeat at breakfast, insulin will surge and that could lead to fat storage. However, if you follow the tip I give you, getting your coffee and cardio in the morning, then eating a protein + slow-burning carb breakfast in a moderate amount (meaning consuming less calories than you burned during your cardio session), fat storage is highly unlikely. 

The ideal breakfast for me would be 2 whole eggs (organic whenever possible) with 3 - 4 egg whites, totalling anywhere from 21 - 24 grams of protein, 12 grams of fat. My carb source, 1/2 cup oatmeal, apple, or an orange.

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