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Tips on how to lose that last few pounds

In the next few blogs I will be explaining how to burn those last remaining pounds or beginning pounds. Wherever you are in your fat lost  program these tips will help.

#1 Top of the morning...COFFEE & CARDIO

Few people wake up ready and willing to do some PT, unless you're in the military and then it's mandatory. But research proves that the morning time is optimal for working out. The reason, research states "You're burning a higher percentage of fat before eating your first meal (breakfast)". How is that possible you may ask? Your body's supply of available carbs for energy is low and your hormonal state makes body fat readily accessible. You add cofee to that and you may squeeze even more body fat from your fat cells.  

The workout is nothing extraordinary: an hour of low - to - moderate intensity walking, jogging, hiking, biking or in Hawaii that could include a quick surf, paddle session after a mean cup of joe. Beware, don't overdue the intensity or else you won't have enough reserves left for your "real" workout later in the day.  

I know this may run counter to what others believe in that you have to have a small meal first before exercising. In all honesty, you'll probably train with more intesity if you do have something in your stomach, and yes, that leads to better benefits. But I'm talking about a short-term variation and I'm not advising high-intensity work either. The goal in this blog/workout is to target body fat.  In a 2006 study in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, people who exercised following an overnight fast used more fat for energy. 

The last point is that this morning workout is not the "main" event. That occurs later in the day when you should be doing resistance training. If you don't have time to hit the park or gym later in the day, you should choose the higher challenging workout over this low-intensity regimen. Just remember, this low-intensity session is designed to enhance fat loss, in addition to your regular workouts.

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