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ACL Injury Prevention

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears (in the knee) is approaching epidemic levels in the sports world as well as general population.  According to the stats most of these ACL tears are believed to be occuring in young women who play sports such as soccer, and basketball.  A few physical therapy and athletic training groups have begun to sell programs designed to minimize these tears.  Some are good, some are just too simplified.  A credible ACL injury prevention program needs to concentrate on 3 things in my opinion.

1. Hip Stability

New MMA Conditioning Class

What is MMA Conditioning?  First let's be clear, MMA Conditioning Class deals with the fitness needed to execute the two insticts in life "Fight or Flight".  We don't cover actually MMA disciplines such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling/Jiu Jitsu, etc.  Those deal with the skills needed in an actual MMA fight. What I do is improve a fighter, non-fighter's ability to deal with the rigors of the fight, mental as well physical.  Basically I develop their energy systems to deal with either "fighting" or "flight/running".

"Have to" or "Get to?"

 Hi all, I wanted to share with you something interesting!  Most of us wake up every morning and have our laundry list of things that we "have" to do: take care of our families, go to work, run errands, the list is endless.  But, what if we told ourselves that we "get" to do all of these things?  For me, when I tell myself that I "get" to do something, it makes it seem so much more positive than when I tell myself I "have" to do something.  So give yourself the power to change your perspective.

Stress your technique

I encourage clients and people in general to really focus and concentrate on their technique when "practicing" or "working out".  The reason behind this is to make your "practice, etc." more efficient.  When your practice is more efficient it leads to less time actually needed to gain the benefit of said practice.  Case in point, I just started back up with my swimming.  The motivation behind that is to prepare for the fireman exam.  I swam last week and almost immediately I felt like a fish out of water.

Less Is More!

 Yep, you read the title correctly, LESS IS MORE!  The more I am in the health and fitness industry the more I realize that it is far better to "under-train" than to "over-train".  This is because the under-trained client/athlete/individual, etc. always has reserves, but the over-trained client/athlete/individual "hits a wall" and lacks the staying power for the long, challenging physical endeavors or activities.


 I just wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks to all of you who attended our grand opening last night to celebrate the official opening of Applied Movement Center.   We could not have done it without you!!



Karen & Brad

Activity of the Week - "Bouldering" (climbing)

What is it? -  Bouldering is a form of climbing done without harnesses or ropes.  Participants use a series of short, dynamic moves or sequences to complete a "route".

What it works? - Basically everything.  Like most forms of climbing, bouldering will build "contact/finger" and grip strength.  Your upper back, arms and your legs will get a workout too.  The core is also not overlooked.  Your arms are holding on, but your core is going to hold you to the wall, which in turn makes for more efficient climbing.

Bootcamp for all levels

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're excited for summer.  I will be starting a new phase in Bootcamp Classes (starting June 7, 2010) at the APPLIED MOVEMENT CENTER (AMC) that will cater to all levels, from the complete novice to advanced trainee.  Come get some fitness and fun, classes will run on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6 - 7 am. Classes will cover the basic skills and drills, mobility and stability concepts, flexibility, core strength, and basic human movement exercises.  

Go with Your GUT

 Hi Everyone,

Steps to faster progress.

Hello everyone, it's been awhile...again.  I'm here to help anyone achieve faster and permanent results in this blog.  I was having a discussion with a client of mine on "getting results quicker", and I laid it out to her plain and simple.  GET YOUR LIFESTYLE IN ORDER!  What I mean by that is make sure you get 80% of this list and you should see a positive change in your physical, emotional, occupational, and social health.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

1. Drink pure, clean H20 (water) "not tap either"

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