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Screen Your Movements

My advice to all trainers, coaches, athletes, and the general population (regular joes @ 24 hr. Fitness, etc.) is to learn about something called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This movement screen was developed by a distinguished PT, CSCS, Gray Cook and Lee Burton.  Learn about it, and take yourself, or client or team through it.  I am certain you will see things you would normally miss when looking at how people move.

How I got into Functional Training.

Through the years of training myself or clients I was constantly looking for the most effective and efficient manner to workout.  I did the usual bodybuilding approach but I noticed the strength, and what conditioning if any, didn't transfer into the real world, such as the sports I played or just performing in everyday activities (stairclimbing, moving furniture, etc.).  I always knew there was a better way to attain optimal physical conditioning.

What is "Core" training?

Hello everyone,

Health and Wellness Fair 8/14

 Aloha Everyone,


Applied Movement is pleased to announce that we will be a part of the Health and Wellness Fair at Kahala Mall, this Saturday, August 14 from 1130am to 2pm.  Come by and say "hello."  Hope to see you there. 



Karen and Brad


 Just a reminder that Lucy will be teaching a free yoga class this Thursday, July 29th, from 6:15 to 7:30pm.  Suitable for all levels.  


Come and meet our newest yoga instructor Lucy!  We look forward to seeing you!!

Find Your Happiness

 Author Geneen Roth mentions in one of her books, a sharing by a Buddhist teacher:

"There is no way to happiness, because happiness is the way."

Take a moment to think about something in your life that brings you joy, and let all the other mental chatter just drift to the back of your consciousness. 

Have a beautiful day!

How to strengthen your shoulders.

 Hello everyone today's blog is teach people how to create strong, aethestic, and most of all injury resistant shoulders.  From now on I will refer to the shoulder as "Scap", short for scapulothoracic (shoulder blade-rib cage).  The scap joint is one of three areas that should recieve short range isolating movement to improve function/purpose. The other two are the lumbar spine/abs, and hips. For now lets focus on the Scap.

The most efficient cardio machine ever!

My intention is to create movements/programs that are practical and efficient, but most of all effective. Saying that, I want to encourage activity or movement that has as many "side-benefits" as possible. "Side-Beni's"  help out the musculoskeletal system, improves posture, and duplicate the reactions and speed of most sports and situations in life.  What is the most efficient cardio machine ever?  The Jump Rope.

Shhhh.... Listen

 Ever sit in front of the TV, eat a whole bag of chips, and get to the last crumbs at the bottom and not even remember what happened?  I've been guilty of this from time to time, and have been trying to investigate WHY it happens.  I really believe that our disconnect from ourselves leads us to engage in behavior that isn't always in our best interest (like polishing a bag of Cheetos in one sitting).  When we become disconnected to ourselves, we detach from everything, and just switch the mind to the "off" position.

It's all about Support

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.  When you're training with an external load (weights, dumbbells, barbells, etc.), you support the body's weight along with the external load you're using.  Sitting on a machine and pushing or pulling with one body part to isolate one or two muscles does not, I repeat, does not support the body.  Maintaining posture while producing force to execute a movement or lift does support the body.  

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